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Discovery Camp - Summer

Get ready to have the best summer ever at The Franklin Institute!

Help your child develop a lifelong love of science at The Franklin Institute’s Summer Camp! Our day camps allow campers to spend each week exploring the museum, engaging in hands-on science activities, participating in explosive live science shows, and making new friends—all while learning about the lively world of science!  Each summer day camp session's theme is independent of the other weekly themes. Campers do not need to attend weekly sessions consecutively; however it is highly recommended that campers attend a full weekly session to get the best camp experience and to engage in all camp activities.

Summer camp activities include games, science projects, museum exploration, theater shows, workshops, presentations by local scientists, and more! The learning goals remain the same for each camp classroom, but the activities, trips, and themes are carefully crafted to be appropriate for each grade.

Discovery Camp not only inspires your child’s interest in science, it encourages friendships and establishes memories for years to come.

Summer day camps at The Franklin Institute run until 4:00 pm, a full hour longer than many of the other summer camps in Philadelphia!

  • Rates and Registration

    PreK–grade 9
    Book now:
    $349 per week – Members
    $379 per week – Non-members

    Early arrival 8:00 am - $45 per week
    Late departure 5:30 pm - $55 per week

    Bring a sibling to camp and save $25 per additional sibling.

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    Call 215.448.1200 to reserve your space.

  • Dates and Descriptions

    Dates and Descriptions:

    June 13-17 – Science Adventures
    Travel back in time while we experience some classic activities, experiments, and demonstrations from bygone days at The Franklin Institute. We’ll touch on science topics close to our hearts like electricity, weather, chemistry, the human body, and machines big and small.

    June 20-24 – Movie Mayhem
    Get your ticket for this week of revealing all the science behind the silver screen. Through hands-on activities and a visit to “The Science of Pixar” exhibit, we will reveal the truth behind “movie magic,” debunk bad “movie science,, and discover the processes that created some of your favorite live action monsters and animated characters.

    June 27-July 1 – Amazing Animals
    Animals have an amazing array of superpowers and survival skills. Investigate creatures that have adapted to live in extreme environments like deep oceans, icy glaciers, or hot deserts and discover how we can mimic those adaptations to create technology of our own!

    July 5-8 – Make It!: Tech Week
    Join the ranks of the “maker movement” and learn how to use the tools and new technologies that have forever changed the way we create.  Explore 3D printers, e-crafting, and many more exciting techniques that combine making and doing with modern technology.

    July 11-15 – Make It!: Craft Week
    Engineering and invention don’t always need high-tech equipment. This week’s challenges are all about designing and making with everyday objects. Tinker, create, and transform old materials into something entirely new!

    July 18-22 - Mission to Mars
    Boldly go where no camper has gone before! Follow in the footsteps of the astrophysicists and engineers who expand our understanding of our solar system and explore some of the methods, tools, and ideas that are bringing us closer to our goal of reaching Mars.

    July 25-29 – Get Out!(side)
    Just beyond the walls of our homes and schools is a wild world of changing weather, shifting landscapes, and teeming wildlife. Get outside and learn how the climate and ecosystems around us influence the way we work and play!

    August 1-5 – Bodies in Motion
    Time to get moving! Explore human anatomy, how Olympic athletes train their bodies for incredible feats, and what you can do to keep your body and brain fit.

    August 8-12 – Tools of the Game
    Can learning about science help you become more like an Olympic athlete? Find out as we look at the physics of your favorite sports and discover how technology is changing the future of athletics.

    August 15-19 – Escape! SOLD OUT
    You’ll need all the secrets of spycraft and forensic science this week to pull off a great escape. Hone your problem-solving skills by unraveling puzzles, detecting clues, and decoding secret messages.

    August 22-26 – Build It Up: Past, Present, and Future SOLD OUT
    Humans have been building structures and inventing tools to make our lives easier since the dawn of civilization. Visit the “Lost Egypt” exhibit and then explore how ancient technologies have evolved over time to influence the construction that surrounds us today.

    August 29-September 2 – Best of Summer 2016 SOLD OUT
    To celebrate the end of summer, we revisit the most popular activities, topics, shows, and demonstrations of the 2016 camp season!

  • Scholarships

    Each year Discovery Camp offers scholarships for excellence in academics, attendance, and leadership, as well as for those who are in need of financial assistance. Our goal is to provide children who express an interest in science an opportunity to attend a session of our summer day camp. Each scholarship award will cover any one (1) week of Discovery Camp in 2016. Listed below are award names and their respective criteria.

    James A. Unruh Award: This scholarship is for underrepresented populations in the science fields (minorities and girls) interested in the sciences, who demonstrate leadership and cooperation skills. We are looking for applicants who work well with peers, are social and academic leaders, and are curious about the world.

    Application for James A. Unruh Award

    Seigler Bequest: This scholarship is awarded for science interest. We are looking for applicants who are demonstrated scholars with a passion for science learning and who have a need for opportunities to pursue this interest.

    Application for Seigler Bequest

    Walter Memorial Fund: This scholarship is based on financial need. We are looking for applicants exhibiting financial need who would benefit from an environment where informal, hands-on science learning is presented.

    Application for Walter Memorial Fund

    Applications must be received by 2 PM on April 22, 2016. No Exceptions.

    Make sure that all parts of the application packet are in one envelope and labeled Discovery Camp – Scholarships. You may submit the application packet in the following acceptable ways:

    You may mail applications packets to:
    The Franklin Institute
    Discovery Camp – Scholarships
    222 North 20th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    You may deliver your application packet to the Business Entrance on 20th Street, where there will be a drop box for them at the guard’s desk between April 18th and April 22nd until 2 PM ONLY.

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    222 North 20th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

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