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Discovery Camp - Summer

Get ready to have the best summer ever at The Franklin Institute!

Help your child develop a lifelong love of science at The Franklin Institute’s Summer Camp! Our day camps allow campers to spend each week exploring the museum, engaging in hands-on science activities, participating in explosive live science shows, and making new friends—all while learning about the lively world of science!  Each summer day camp session's theme is independent of the other weekly themes. Campers do not need to attend weekly sessions consecutively; however it is highly recommended that campers attend a full weekly session to get the best camp experience and to engage in all camp activities.​

Summer camp activities include games, science projects, museum exploration, theater shows, workshops, presentations by local scientists, and more! The learning goals remain the same for each camp classroom, but the activities, trips, and themes are carefully crafted to be appropriate for each grade.

Discovery Camp not only inspires your child’s interest in science, it encourages friendships and establishes memories for years to come.

Summer day camps at The Franklin Institute run until 4:00 pm, a full hour longer than many of the other summer camps in Philadelphia!

  • Rates and Registration

    PreK–grade 9

    Early bird discount:
    $315 per week – Members
    $340 per week – Non-members
    After April 1, 2015:
    $329 per week – Members
    $359 per week – Non-members
    Early arrival 8:00 am - $45 per week
    Late departure 5:30 pm - $55 per week

    Bring a sibling to camp and save $25 per sibling.
    Save 10% when you register for at least 6 weeks of camp.

    Registration Form

    Call 215.448.1200 to reserve your space.

  • Dates and Descriptions

    Dates and Descriptions:

    June 15–19
    Fantastic Physics Registration Closed
    Come for a day or come for all five to experience the hits and highlights of all things physics. From simple machines and Newton’s Laws of Motion to electricity and nanotechnology, we will kick off the summer with some of Discovery Camp’s favorite activities.

    June 22–26
    Wings, Wheels, & Watercraft Registration Closed
    Spend this week with The Franklin Institute’s beloved vehicles like the Baldwin 60,000 locomotive and the T-33 jet trainer. We’ll figure out what makes them work and build some of our own crafts for traveling on land, air, and sea.

    June 29–July 3
    Mystery of the Unseen Registration Closed
    Discovery Camp needs your help to solve a mystery in the museum! In order to find what’s been lost, you’ll have to learn about tools that will let you see clues you can’t see with just your eyes.

    July 6–10
    Emergency! Registration Closed
    We hear about natural disasters every season, so join us this week to learn more about how they happen, what impacts they have on the planet, and ways people can respond. We’ll explore the meteorology, geology, and immunology of natural disasters from Krakatoa to Katrina

    July 13–17
    Space Stories Registration Closed
    For thousands of years, people have told stories about objects they saw in the night sky. Using the stories of today and yesterday, you will explore the mysteries of space. Come see how legends, myths, and even movie scripts can teach us about astronomy.

    July 20–24
    Let’s Create! SOLD OUT
    This week Discovery Camp will celebrate the maker movement and the LEGO® toy sculpture art exhibit, The Art of the Brick . Campers will design, tinker, and invent while using new tools or refining their skills with classic building toys like LEGO® bricks, K’NEX, and giant blocks.

    July 27–31
    Breakdown Registration Closed
    Join us for a messy week of destruction. We’ll uncover everything from the decomposition of trash and organic matter to the forces at work when buildings collapse to the archaeological leftovers of ancient civilizations.

    August 3–7
    From Field to Fork
    This tasty session will explore the botany, agriculture, and chemistry of the food in your lunch box. Learn about plant growth, animals on the farm, backyard gardens, and kitchen chemistry while thinking about keeping our bodies and planet healthy.

    August 10–14
    The League of Super Campers SOLD OUT
    Ever dreamed of being a superhero? Come learn about the amazing abilities your body and brain already have. Daily challenges will push your body to be stronger and your mind to be faster so that maybe you too will leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    August 17–21
    S.M.Art. (Science, Math, & Art) SOLD OUT
    Unleash the science of your creative side while we explore the intersections between science, math, and art. Reveal the hidden math in arts like photography, mosaics, origami, and weaving; and the hidden beauty of optics, engineering, geometry and numbers. What will you create?

    August 24–28
    The Sounds of Summer SOLD OUT
    Let’s make some music by exploring the vibrations and patterns that make all of the awesome sounds around us. We’ll shake it up, and then listen closely to learn the science and math that help us to understand the language of music.

    August 31–September 4
    Best of Summer 2015! PreK-6th grade is sold out; 7-9th grade is still registering.
    Discovery Camp has had an awesome summer of finding out that science IS everywhere! In the tradition of Discovery Camp, this last week campers will get a chance to pick all their favorite experiments and activities from the rest of the summer.

  • Scholarships

    A limited number of scholarships are available based on academic achievement and financial need, as well as scholarships for minorities and girls who exhibit an interest in science. The application deadline for 2015 scholarships has passed.  Please check back in early 2016 for updated scholarship information.

  • Location

    222 North 20th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

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