Live Science in Musser Theater

Join us in the Demonstration Theater on the third floor for live shows!

  • Liquid Air Show - Cool off with one of our favorite chemicals to use at The Franklin Institute, Liquid Nitrogen, as we explore how temperature affects matter at one of the longest-running shows at the museum.
  • Combustion Show – Things heat up as we break down the 3 ingredients needed for any good combustion reaction at this fiery show.
  • 10-in-10 Show – Join 2 of our science performers as they race the clock to complete 10 demonstrations in 10 minutes with twists and turns along the way. If you think that sounds chaotic, you may be right, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Find out!

Note: Latex balloons are used in all shows

Don't miss daily dissections in The Giant Heart exhibit on the second floor!

  • Eye Dissection – Learn how our own eyes work and how it compares to a cow eye as we dissect right in front of you.
  • Heart Dissection – In the shadow of our own giant walkthrough heart, learn the ins and outs of your heart as we look inside the real heart of a sheep.

Check the daily schedule for an up-to-date listing of today's shows and presentations.

Daily Schedule