Joseph Braat

Computer and Cognitive Science
Delft University of Technology
For contributions to optical data recording and design of aspherical objective lenses for read-out systems of optical storage.

Born in 1946, Joseph Braat studied physics at Delft University of Technology. His thesis work focused on holography using spatially incoherent light, and he worked after gradution with the coherent optics group at the Institut d'Optique in Orsay, France. Continuing his work with optics, Dr. Braat returned to the Netherlands in 1973 and worked at Philips Research Laboratories. There he researched optical disc systems, centering on the diffraction of light by the information carrying structure; the conception of read-out methods; and the design of light paths for optical disc systems. He also became involved in optical lens and system design, such as TV-projection lenses, CCD-cameras, and high-resolution objectives for optical lithography.

In 1988, Dr. Braat became a part-time professor at the Department of Applied Physics at Delft University of Technology, and was appointed full professor ten years later in 1998. His current research includes EUV-lithography, optical aperture synthesis, high-density optical recording, and TeraHertz imaging. Dr. Braat was appointed to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2001.

Information as of 2001