Science Park

Families picnic at Science Park

NEW! A special place where families and friends can share and discover, explore outdoor science, and learn with all the senses.

Now open to the public!  Have a picnic at the park!  New picnic tables and canopies offer shade for guests to relax and recharge, while being physically distanced.  Children will enjoy over 20,000 sq ft of space to run around, and experiments to explore.

Fun activities you can find: 
Can you figure out what time it is?  Learn how a sundial uses shadows to tell time. 
What can you hear?  Use the speaking tube to find how out far away you can hear someone whisper. 
What can you see?  Did you know that telescopes make things look bigger by bending light with a lens? 
Where do you hear the best?  Whisper dishes direct sound waves to a distant point so a whisper can be heard from far away. 
Do things get bigger or smaller farther away?  Challenge your perspective by looking through a fun peephole. 
What do you hear?  Use the clapping tube to hear what happens when sound waves bounce. 
PLUS! See the The Apollo Lunar Module (LM) Structural Test Model and learn about NASA’s Apollo program.