Live Science Demonstrations

Two teenage girls dissecting a sheep's heart during a Live Science demonstration

Brain Freeze
Ever wonder why your brain perceives the way it does?  Test your brain skills with our optical illusions and brain benders.

Brain Bar
Your brain is always active and changing. At our Brain Bar, touch real brains, learn about the structure of your brain, and how it works and changes over time.

101 Inventions that Changed the World
Inventors Den

Ever wanted to create the next big invention? Try your hand at inventing and testing devices to fly, design and build a structure out of Keva planks, and check out our amazing 3D printer.

Eye Dissection
Learn how your own eyes work as you watch the dissection of a real cow's eye.

Heart Dissection
Learn how your own heart works as you watch the dissection of a real sheep's heart.

Segway Demonstration
Compare the way this amazing machine moves and balances to the locomotion of your own body.

Daily schedule varies. Check the Daily Programs Sheet when you arrive for times and locations.