Live Science Demonstrations

Two teenage girls dissecting a sheep's heart during a Live Science demonstration

Liquid Air Show* - Take part in some chilling science with liquid nitrogen to see how ultra-cold temperatures change that ways that familiar materials behave.  Guests of all ages will enjoy joining TFI Educators in one of our longest-running Live Science Shows! 

Paper Making Cart - Try your hand at making a piece of paper to take home using pulp made from recycled materials.

Eye Dissection - Learn how your own eyes work as you watch the dissection of a real cow's eye.

Heart Dissection - Learn how your own heart works as you watch the dissection of a real sheep's heart.

Ben’s Brick House - Test your skills and creativity when given a specific task that could involve building, transporting, or creating different structures using LEGO bricks..

Science of Plastination - Explore the fascinating science behind plastination, the unique preservation technique that allows us to see the intricate details of how animals’ bodies work at the Science of Plastination Cart.  Guests will uncover what looking inside real animals shows us about ourselves, how we learn about animals through interacting with models, organs and skulls, and the scientific process of preserving this unique collection.

Science of Combustion* - Discover the science behind the BOOM thanks to the main ingredients of combustion -- energy, fuel and oxygen. This show is sure to begin and end with a BANG!

Life in Space* - Discover what life is like for an astronaut working and living in Earth’s orbit.

Solar Observing** - Take a look at the sun through our historic Zeiss refracting telescope and learn more about telescopes and astronomy. 

*Latex Balloons Used

 **Weather permitting.

Daily schedule varies. Check the Daily Programs Sheet when you arrive for times and locations.