Things to Do and See in The Giant Heart

  • Walk Through the Giant Heart

    Two-stories high, this heart would be the accurate size for a 220-foot tall person.

  • Crawl Through an Artery

    Pretend you're a blood cell navigating through 8-foot long clear and clogged arteries.

  • Step into a Surgical Suite

    Complete with actual scrubs and surgical tools, this surgical theater shows how surgeons perform open-heart surgery.

  • Pump, Pump, Circulate

    Dance your way from ventricle to atrium as you step the blood flow through the chambers of the heart.

  • Investigate the Spiral of Animal Hearts

    Find out how the size of a human heart compares to that of a bird, gorilla, or elephant.

Interactive Map



Map of the second floor of The Franklin Institute.
Floor 2 of the Franklin Institute.