Young boy intrigued by the Baldwin 60,000 in Train Factory.

The Train Factory

Imagine yourself as the engineer of a 350-ton Baldwin 60000 steam locomotive. Hear the hiss of steam and clang of machines as you learn about the science and technology of trains. How did steam and coal power the first locomotives? How does fuel combustion cause a piston to fire? Discover how diesel, electricity, and magnetic levitation are used to power modern-day locomotives to travel longer distances at greater speeds.

A boy and his father watch as the massive Baldwin 60000 is brought to life at The Franklin Institute.

Be an Engineer on the Massive Baldwin 60000 Locomotive
This massive train is the largest object in our collection (FI Cat. #2758). It arrived at The Franklin Institute on September 22, 1933 after a five-day, five block journey from 24th and Vine Street to the museum.

Design a Train interactive in the Train Factory exhibit at The Franklin Institute.

Design a Train
Get creative and choose a train style to decorate, add power, and decide where you want it to go. Watch your train in action and then email your creation home. 

Train Factory - Magnetic Forces Activity

See Magnetic Forces in Action
Experiment with magnets and see their push and pull force live on screen in this AR interactive.

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