Kunihiko Fukushima

Kunihiko Fukushima
Kunihiko Fukushima
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    Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute │ Fukuoka, Japan │ Osaka University, Former │ Osaka, Japan │ NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories, Former │ Tokyo, Japan

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  • Subject:

    Electrical Engineering

  • Award:

    Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science

  • Citation:

    For his pioneering research that applied principles of neuroscience to engineering through his invention of the first deep neural network, “Neocognitron”—a key contribution to the development of artificial intelligence.

Theme: Neural Networks for Machine Learning

Our brains recognize patterns. When we see an animal, we can identify the image in a flash, instantly matching size, shape, and past experiences with similar creatures through a complex series of neuronal connections to arrive at a classification. Thus, we know a gorilla from a greyhound. In 1979, Kunihiko Fukushima designed an artificial multi-layered neural network with learning capabilities that could mimic the brain’s visual network, an insight that has become the basis of modern artificial intelligence technology. Fukushima’s work bridging electrical engineering and neuroscience has led to an array of practical applications from self-driving cars to facial recognition, from cancer detection to flood prediction, with many more to come.