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Things to Do and See in Your Brain

  • Neural Climb

    Scale the 18-foot-tall neural climb!

  • Scan a Brain

    Use the slide scanner to move through MRI images of a human brain and see just where the brain is located in relation to other physical features that surround it.

  • Fire a Model Neuron

    Neurons communicate through a series of electrical and chemical reactions. Now you can send a signal and fire a neuron to see how information passes from one neuron to another.

  • Follow Your Visual Pathway

    Discover how the images of what you see are processed in the brain by building them back together step by step.

  • Explore How Your Brain Interprets Conflicting Information

    Explore a city street filled with illusions and discover how your brain uses a variety of inputs to interpret the world around you. Trying to make sense of it all might just turn your world upside down!

  • Say That Again!

    Did you ever have trouble understanding what that loudspeaker is broadcasting on a SEPTA rail car? Explore how your brain can learn to understand even a distorted audio message.

  • Challenge Your Expectations

    Your brain plans movements according to previous experiences. Challenge your expectations when you lift the paint cans in the proper order.

  • Lie To Me

    Can you detect a lie? Channel your inner Sherlock and figure out who is telling a lie.

  • See Your Nervous System

    See a silhouette of your nervous system on a jumbo screen mimic your every move!

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Map of the second floor of The Franklin Institute.
Floor 2 of the Franklin Institute.