Things to Do and See in The Train Factory

  • Be an Engineer on the Massive Baldwin 60000 Locomotive

    All aboard! Steam is building and rising from the top of the Baldwin 60000 Locomotive. It’s ready to leave the station. Next stop: Learning!

  • Design a Train

    Get creative and choose a train style to decorate, add power, and decide where you want it to go. Watch your train in action and then email your creation home!

  • See Magnetic Forces in Action

    Experiment with magnets and see their push and pull force live on screen in this new interactive that uses augmented reality technology.

  • Discover How Steam Engines Work

    Control the flow of steam to make your engine chug.

  • Keep the Train Wheels Running Right on Track

    Investigate the effect of wheel shape on how well a train travels.

Interactive Map



Floor 1
Floor 1 of the Franklin Institute.