Things to Do and See in SportsZone

  • Race Against Pro Athletes

    Grab a friend, choose a lane, and select your competition—a speed skater? A marathon runner? An Eagles running back? Once the race is on, your virtual competitor will run or skate alongside you, on a projection surface the length of the run.

  • Perfect Your Pitch

    Do you have the strike of a professional? Throw out a pitch and have your body mechanics analyzed by high speed imagery.

  • Catch a Wave

    Surf's up! Ride the surfboard simulator and learn how to adjust your body to improve your balance.

  • Jump Momentum

    How do momentum and timing affect the height of your vertical jump? Test your standing jump, then take a running leap at an array of hanging basketballs and try to reach a higher height.

  • Bike Efficiency

    Gear up for a bike race! Find a friend and start cranking your bikes as you race a virtual course over uphill and downhill terrain.

  • Test Helmet Strength

    How much protection does a football helmet actually provide? Test the force of a direct impact on side-by-side model heads—one wearing a helmet, one without.

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