Exploration and imagination intersect in the Space Command exhibition. The phases of the Moon come into focus as you learn about Earth’s only natural satellite. Construct a rover and see how it fares on a rocky terrain. Spin a ball into the Gravity Well and see centripetal force in action. Touch the meteorite—the oldest thing you’ll ever touch.

Explore neighboring planets including where they are, how they move, and what they’re made of. Discover how the sun impacts each planet in the solar system by providing the light and heat necessary to maintain planetary conditions. You’ll experience the excitement of space exploration and develop an out-of-this-world appreciation for the night sky.

Things to Do and See in Space Command

  • Spin a Ball into the Gravity Well

    Experiment with centripetal force in action.

  • Touch a Real Meteorite

    At over 50 million years old, the meteorite is the oldest thing you'll ever touch!

  • Build a Mars Rover using K'Nex

    Will your rover be tough enough to navigate the harsh terrain on Mars?

  • See Suits Worn by Real Astronauts in Space

    Authentic Russian and American spacesuits reveal what humans needed to acclimate to environments in space.

  • Explore a Mayan Calendar

    Their ancient observations about the sun, moon, and stars will fascinate you.

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Floor 1