Things to Do and See in Space Command

  • Spin a Ball into the Gravity Well

    Experiment with centripetal force in action.

  • Touch a Real Meteorite

    At over 50 million years old, the meteorite is the oldest thing you'll ever touch!

  • Build a Mars Rover using K'Nex

    Will your rover be tough enough to navigate the harsh terrain on Mars?

  • See Suits Worn by Real Astronauts in Space

    Authentic Russian and American spacesuits reveal what humans needed to acclimate to environments in space.

  • Explore a Mayan Calendar

    Ancient observations about the sun, moon, and stars will fascinate you.

  • Design a Rugged Rover

    Design and draw your own rover, launch it onto the simulated terrain, and see if your design is rugged enough to go the distance.

Interactive Map



Floor 1
Floor 1 of the Franklin Institute.