Things to Do and See in The Franklin Air Show

  • See Artifacts from the Wright Brothers Collection

    See the drawing of the original 1903 Wright Flyer. It’s just one of many fascinating artifacts in the Wright Aeronautical Engineering Collection.

  • Take Flight in a Flight Simulator

    Fully interactive and intensely fun, you’ll experience the thrill of flight without leaving the ground in one of our flight simulators.

  • See the 1911 Wright Model B Flyer

    This amazing piece of history is the most intact Wright airplane remaining in the world!

  • Take Control of a 1948 T-33 Jet Trainer

     Climb inside one of the most successful jet trainers ever built and handle real jet controls.

  • Take the Controls as You Enter Pilot Training

    Learn how rudders control lift and direction so you can take flight.

  • Feel the Force of Lift as You Attempt to Take Off

    Hold onto your "wings" and feel the force of lift as the wind comes right at you!

  • Go Fly a Kite

    Can you balance the forces and keep the glider aloft?

Interactive Map



Map of the second floor of The Franklin Institute.
Floor 2 of the Franklin Institute.