Science Park

Science Park
Science Park July 2021

Science Park closes for the season on November 13th, 2022, and will reopen in Spring 2023.

A new outdoor space designed for families and friends to relax, recharge, and explore with all the senses.  

Enjoy an open-air dining spot set with picnic tables and canopies, and for children ages five and up— they’ll have a jungle of fun climbing, crawling, and balancing in the centerpiece of the space, the all-new Explorer Dome. 

With twisting nets, ropes, and wonky play items, play is unstoppable in the Explorer Dome. Children will exercise agility, balance, and coordination as they find countless ways to climb and reach the multiple play levels via nets, tubes, rope ladders, play shells, and coconut ropes.  

Explorer Dome is designed for children ages 5+. 

PLUS! See The Apollo Lunar Module (LM) Structural Test Model and learn about NASA’s Apollo program.

Science Park is open 9:30 am - 4:00 pm, weather permitting.