Two younger girls looking at the constellation globe in Space Command.


Journey to the cosmos in the Space exhibit. The phases of the Moon come into focus as you learn about Earth’s only natural satellite. How does the sun affect each planet in the solar system? Construct a rover and see how it fares on rocky terrain or spin a ball into the Gravity Well and see centripetal force in action. Touch a real meteorite that fell to Earth over 50 million years ago. You’ll experience the excitement of space exploration and develop an out-of-this-world appreciation for the night sky.

Four screens in the Space Command exhibit display live images from the International Space Station

Mission Control
Watch four displays with live data from the International Space Station including current position, crew, photos, and upcoming passes of the ISS that will be visible from Philadelphia.

Telescope Gallery in the Space Command Exhibit

Scope Lobby
Just inside the 20th Street entrance, a gallery of antique microscopes and telescopes brings to life the ways humans have used lenses to look outward and inward for hundreds of years. 

"Reflections of Greatness" mural of an Astronaut in space, with ISS reflected and Earth in the background.

Reflections of Greatness Mural
Painted by Philadelphia artists Evan Lovett and Frank Chapell, the mural depicts an astronaut in space. The International Space Station is reflected in the astronaut’s mask, with sunrise over Earth in the background.