Teen Brain Curriculum

Adolescence is a time of growth—for young people’s bodies, minds, and place in the world. An understanding of the brain can give students a new perspective on this critical period in their lives that is both uniquely personal and grounded in science.
How does the brain develop and change during the teen years?
Through interactive activities, projects, and discussions, students will learn that:

  • The brain is always changing.
  • Brain growth and change during teen years has great potential for positive outcomes (learning, good habits) as well as negative outcomes (drugs, risky decisions).
  • Our experiences and behavior influence the way the brain develops and functions.
  • Similarly, brain development influences the way we experience the world.

The curriculum is designed to be appropriate for students ages 13-18.

This curriculum consists of eight modules, each approximately two hours in length, which can be mixed and matched to meet the needs of a particular group of students. 

Module 1: Brain Structure and Function
Module 2: Hemispheres and Dissection
Module 3: The Teen Brain
Module 4: Learning and Memory
Module 5: Neurons and Neurotransmission
Module 6: Drugs in the Brain
Module 7: Working on Independent Projects

Module 8: Student Presentations and Wrap-Up