Wedding Trends - Fall 2015

Newlyweds kissing in front of the Electricity Wall at The Franklin Institute.

Fall/winter brides are shaking things up for 2015.

Venue choice is key. Most couples want their personality to shine through their wedding day. Unique locations, such as The Franklin Institute Science Museum, are all the rage.  Brides want more excitement than your average catering hall can offer.

From the food, to the décor or wardrobe, brides are thinking outside the box.

Food installations and hanging décor are just some examples of how couples are getting creative. Many couples are choosing edible/recipe favors. Champagne displays are showing up as a special décor element or as a popular favor.  In addition to classic fall/winter food choices like salads with goat cheese and fig, or short ribs with sweet potato au gratin, couples are adding a cider based signature drink to their reception. When it comes to the wedding cake, 2015 couples are having fun with the latest trend of naked cakes. As guests are leaving the reception, couples like to give their guests one more surprise.  Food trucks offering anything from beignets to cheese steaks, to soft serve are more popular than ever, offering guests one more delectable treat before the night is over.

The Benjamin Franklin Rotunda at The Franklin Institute set up to host an event.

This upcoming fall season, when you talk about Marsala—we don’t mean the chicken. It’s this year’s hottest color, falling in the wine/burgundy family.  This color is showing up in the linen, the floral and bridal parties.  Mix matched bridesmaid dresses (same color/different design) are a big feature of 2015 weddings.  Brides are also switching it up with a few outfit changes of their own throughout the night.  There’s the ceremony gown, the reception dress and then the after party dress. Gown changes are not only becoming more common, but the colors brides choose to wear for dress option #2 and #3 are not typically white. These dresses showcase bright pops of color like blue, gold, silver and red.

These are all ways that fall/winter couples are spicing up the season and taking some chances, to create a one of a kind experience for each other and their wedding guests.