Have The Franklin Institute come visit you!

We bring our signature brand of science to you with hands on science activities for kids, bringing you engaging activities designed specifically with elementary and middle school kids in mind. These Traveling Science assemblies provide fun science experiments for kids, complete with interactive learning that creates infectious enthusiasm that spills over into the classroom!

Many exciting topics are covered in the Franklin Institute’s traveling science programs. Explore how vibrations produce waves in air, and how those waves are related to our sense of hearing in our brand new show, Sound, Music, and Math.  Our Astronomy show—which was developed with support from NASA—teaches you all about the behavior of light and how we learn about objects that are too far away to visit. Choose from 15 show topics—from astronomy and molecules to wild weather and chemistry. Each show is tailored to your grade level and generates infectious enthusiasm that spills over into the classroom!

The Franklin Institute also provides traveling science shows for kids age 3 to 5. These special preschool shows provide fun science education activities about lights and colors, water, motion, and gravity.

Traveling Science events, presented by Sunoco, Inc., are ideal for schools, scout events, parties, community events, and any other occasion that calls for some interactive and fun science for kids. The Traveling Science shows also serve as a perfect supplement for in-class science education.

You’ve visited us, now it’s time we pay you a visit!