The Franklin Institute

Things to Do and See

Ben's Brick House

To complement The Art of the Brick exhibit experience, tour through Ben’s Brick House, a LEGO®-themed build-and-play area designed to spark imagination and inspire creativity among all of us.

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Build and Test a Mars Rover

Build a Mars rover using K’Nex. Will yours be tough enough to navigate the harsh terrain on Mars?

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Catch a Wave & Hang Ten

Test your balance on a moving surfboard without getting wet.

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Deliver a Weather Forecast on TV

Driving rains, heavy snow, extreme heat—step "on camera" and deliver a live TV weather report that impacts people's lives.

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Learn About Philadelphia's Most Famous Citizen

Don't miss the multimedia show that demonstrates Benjamin Franklin’s profound impact on the world as a premiere international citizen, statesman, civic leader, and scientist.

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See a Pre-Electronic Mechanical Robot: the Automaton

We usually think of robots as an achievment of the modern era. This one, built around 1800, will surprise you with its imaginative technology.

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See Artifacts from the Wright Brothers Collection

See the drawing of the original 1903 Wright Flyer. It’s just one of many fascinating artifacts in the Wright Aeronautical Engineering Collection.

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Stargaze in the Planetarium

Travel the vast reaches of the universe in our planetarium. With an advanced projection and surround sound system, you’ll have a truly celestial experience in the awe-inspiring dome which measures 60 feet across and four stories tall.

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Take Flight in a Flight Simulator

Fully interactive and intensely fun, you’ll experience the thrill of flight without leaving the ground in one of our flight simulators.

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Test Newton's Laws of Motion

Play with pulleys, prisms, and pendulums that demonstrate Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. Falling objects, chain reactions, and optical illusions bring his laws to life in interactive and interesting ways.

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