The Franklin Institute

Things to Do and See

Be an Engineer on the Massive Baldwin 60000 Locomotive

All aboard! Steam is building and rising from the top of the Baldwin 60000 Locomotive. It’s ready to leave the station. Next stop: Learning!

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Ben's Brick House

To complement The Art of the Brick exhibit experience, tour through Ben’s Brick House, a LEGO®-themed build-and-play area designed to spark imagination and inspire creativity among all of us.

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Blood Vessel of a Dog

Study the blood vessel structures of exotic and familiar animals.

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Build a Fountain

Connect the pipes to make your own fountain. See how high you can make it go!

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Build a Mars Rover using K'Nex

Will your rover be tough enough to navigate the harsh terrain on Mars?

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Build a Structure to Survive the Next Big Quake

 Build a structure and test your design against minor, moderate, and major earthquakes.

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Build and Test a Mars Rover

Build a Mars rover using K’Nex. Will yours be tough enough to navigate the harsh terrain on Mars?

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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Discover your own carbon footprint by answering questions about your lifestyle. Learn how you can make small changes today that will have big effects on our future.    

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Catch a Wave & Hang Ten

Test your balance on a moving surfboard without getting wet.

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Challenge Your Expectations

Your brain plans movements according to previous experiences. Challenge your expectations when you lift the paint cans in the proper order.

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Interactive Map

Explore the exhibitions, find amenities, and plan your route.