Take Flight Simulator Gallery (Currently Unavailable)

Photograph of Take Flight! simulator

This experience is unavailable until further notice. Please check back for updates.

Take Flight! 

Located inside The Franklin Air Show exhibit, we have three flight simulator experiences for visitors of all ages:

Apollo 11: The VR Experience

Animate GIF of Apollo 11 Rocket

Fly to the moon and see what the Astronauts saw with Virtual Reality technology.

Take a Virtual Reality ride to the Moon! Travel with the Apollo 11 astronauts as they land on the moon during this historic mission. Experience all of the excitement of Space Flight on our VR Motion Bench!  

Max weight is 350 lbs per person.

The Maverick

Climb into the two-person cockpit, grab the controls, and fly your very own aircraft with 360 degrees of movement.

Show off your moves as the newest flying ace! This state-of-the-art flight simulator takes you into a virtual world, so try a lazy-eight or a 360-roll with no fear of having to eject. 

Riders must be 51 inches tall. 550 lbs total weight limit with no more than 150 lbs difference between two riders. No loose items: all items must be removed from pockets.

Adventure Flight

Fly with the Blue Angels in San Francisco

Experience the power, precision, and acrobatics of the United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron. Step into the pilot seat and fly alongside an actual U.S. Navy Blue Angel. Hold tight as you pitch, roll, and yaw over the Golden Gate Bridge! Feel the blasts of air as other pilots swoosh by and grab the edge of your seat as you soar straight up into the air and eventually, land back on solid ground.

Riders must be at least 38 inches tall.