Take-Along Field Trip Reminders

A group of children on a field trip at the electricity exhibit at The Franklin Institute

INFORM chaperones about:

  • Any scheduled shows, demonstrations or events (and remind them to show up 15 minutes prior to the start time)
  • Where and when to meet for lunch
  • Where and when to meet for departure

CHAPERONE GUIDE Print and distribute this chaperone guide to all the adults in your group.  It will act as a helpful guide to get to know the students on your field trip.  Furthermore, there are additional exhibit activities that can act as a scavenger hunt and improve your group experience!

Image of Chaperone Guide

COLLECT lunches in boxes labeled with your school’s name. Designate a chaperone or teacher to remove lunches from the bus. (Yes, groups have arrived lunchless in the past. Don’t let this happen to you!)

BRING your confirmation email so you can refer to any instructions that are specific to your group.

ARRIVE at the main entrance to the museum at 222 N. 20th St., on the corner of 20th St. & Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

UNLOAD buses directly in front of museum on N. 20th St. Note: City parking ordinances allow buses to remain in front of the building for a limited time. Please have your group move quickly.

DIRECT bus drivers to park buses at one of the locations below (fee applies). Please note that all buses, motor coaches, and tour buses are prohibited from parking on city streets.

  • Campus Park and Ride. This facility is approximately 10 minutes from The Franklin Institute, located at 1600 South Warfield Street (off Interstate 76 near 34th Street). For more information, contact Campus Park and Ride at 215.413.2300. 
  • Callowhill Bus Center. This facility is approximately 15 minutes from The Franklin Institute, located on Callowhill Street between Second and Third Streets. For more information, contact the Bus Center at 215.829.3330.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE TICKETS, proceed to the museum entrance and begin your visit. (We strongly encourage groups to pay in advance to maximize their field trip time!)

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TICKETS or need to return extra tickets, check-in with a Visitor Services Representative.*

Be prepared with:

  • Exact count of students and adults in your group, including teachers, teachers’ aides, and other school personnel.
  • Final payment (if necessary) by check, cash, or credit card. Note that splitting payments may result in delaying your check-in, as well as delaying the groups that follow you.


  • For morning visits, go to Group Check-In at the 20th St. business entrance.
  • For afternoon visits, please check in at the ticketing desk in the Atrium. To get to the Atrium, proceed inside the main entrance on 20th St. to Franklin Hall. The Atrium entrance is at the back of Franklin Hall.

ARRIVE at all planned shows, demonstrations or activities 15 minutes before the start time.