Spring Break Camp

A girl exploring during Discovery Camp.

No School? No Problem! Spend Spring Break at The Franklin Institute!

Spring Break Camp is a great way to enjoy the excitement of Discovery Camp while taking advantage of flexible daily rates, for as many days as you want or need. If you have always wondered what Discovery Camp is all about, Spring Break is a great time to find out! Designed especially for grades Pre-K – 6.

Although the basic science learning goals remain the same throughout all camp classrooms, activities, trips, and themes are carefully modified in order to be made grade appropriate. Each session's theme is independent of the other themes. Campers do not need to attend sessions consecutively.

  • Dates and Descriptions

    Rates and Registration

    PreK–grade 6
    $60 per day - Franklin Institute Members
    $65 per day - Non-members
    Early arrival 8:00 am - $8 per day
    Late departure 5:30 pm - $10 per day

    Call 215.448.1200 to reserve your space.

  • Dates

    Monday, March 23 Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
    Your body is a complex machine that works hard to make you strong, smart, and unique. Come explore with us as we see how food, movement, and your environment make you who you are.

    Tuesday, March 24Backyard Lunchbox
    Where does food come from? The grocery store? The cafeteria? The pizza shop down the street? Learn where all these delicious ingredients really come from and make a healthy treat of your own.

    Wednesday, March 25Good Vibrations
    Science often works in waves. Sometimes we can’t see them but most of us feel and hear waves every day. Experiment with the invisible phenomenon of vibration and “see” what it can teach us about the world around us.

    Thursday, March 26Natural Disasters
    The Earth is shaped by forces slow and fast. This day we will consider how some of those fast changes affect our landscape, our lives, and the choices we make for the future. It’s sure to be a day of epic proportions!

    Friday, March 27Make It Move
    Whether you make it roll, slip, or slide, this day is all about motion. See how the forces of physics act on different objects and see if you can design new moving contraptions of your own.

    Mondays, March 30 and April 6Construction Zone March 30 SOLD OUT
    Build it up on this day of construction! Consider what architects and engineers must think about when planning a project. Do you think you have what it takes to meet our construction challenge?

    Tuesdays, March 31 and April 7 DE-construct March 31 SOLD OUT
    The natural world is always looking to find balance and sometimes this means things get destroyed. Experiment with different ways to break down materials on this day of DE-construction.

    Wednesdays, April 1 and 8 Solve It April 1 SOLD OUT
    Discovery Campers are great scientists, but will they be able to solve the science mysteries given to them on this day? Make sure to bring your powers of observation and deduction.

    Thursdays, April 2 and 9 Starry Night April 2 SOLD OUT
    Spend the day exploring the night. From our planetarium to our Zeiss telescope, we will learn about our astronomical neighborhood and think about how the scientists who came before us learned about the night sky.

    Fridays, April 3 and 10Easel meets Microscope April 3 SOLD OUT
    You can’t have art without science! Spend the day creating your own works of art while also learning about the awesome connections between light, patterns, materials, and even your own brain.

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