Kitchen Science

Join The Franklin Institute Educators and Executive Chefs from Frog Commissary once a month as we examine topics in Kitchen Science. These fun- and flavor-filled events will engage you in an exploration of food science through hands-on, taste bud-activating activities that help you understand the science behind food and cooking.

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Kitchen Science programs are made possible by a grant from the Don Falconio Memorial Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation.

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Frog Commissary   

Practice Kitchen Science at home using these downloadable pdfs below:

What is an EMULSION?
GRAPES in the Microwave
Make your own ICE CREAM IN 10 MINUTES
Make your own pH INCIDATOR
Microbes in the Kitchen: AT-HOME YEAST EXPERIMENT

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Upcoming Events
Kitchen Science
Gooey Gluten Balls
Saturday, October 10
Kitchen Science
Tasty Bugs
Saturday, November 14
Kitchen Science
Candy Land
Saturday, December 12