Sir Isaac's Loft & SportsZone

Sir Isaac's Loft event space at The Franklin Institute.

Art and sports collide delightfully in these unique spaces.

Where art and physics collide! The exhibit space resembles an art gallery, which showcases the work of artists, each with their own unique personality and style. Sir Isaac’s Loft features “clusters” that demonstrate scientific concepts through various experiments. Your guests can discover how merging simple motions results in beautiful, complex patterns.

You just can’t strike out with the “in your face action” of the SportsZone exhibit. Inspired by the playing fields of football and the batting cages of baseball, this space can make your next event a winner.


Sir Isaac's Loft
Cocktail/Reception - 150
Seated Dinner - 50
3,200 sq feet        

Cocktail/Reception - 130
Seated Dinner - 50
3,650 sq feet