Scout Days

Another young boy is surprised and intrigued by the inner workings of an electric drill in the exhibit Amazing Machine.

Our first Scout Day in 2009 attracted more than 700 scouts! 

Scout Day is a day-long experience designed to help you work towards completing achievement requirements. Each day is themed and includes theater programs, hands-on workshops, guest speakers, exclusive worksheets, and souvenir patches!

  • Upcoming Dates

    Engineering Day


    February 21, 2015
    For Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts


    • Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the 5-story tall Tuttleman IMAX ® theater and discover the unique technology that makes it happen. Then, see a film come alive on the giant screen!
    • Plan, build, test, and rebuild devices that float, slide and fling in the Engineering Workshop.
    • Explore the concepts of work and the physics of motion in the Carnival of Machines live show.


    Cub Scout and Boy Scout Weather Day
    March 7, 2015

    • Make a cloud, feel the chilling effects of wind and water, and create a twister in the live Weather Show.
    • Fly through the thick atmosphere of Venus, magnetic storms on the sun, and liquid methane showers on Titan with Wildest Weather in the Solar System in the Fels Planetarium.
    • Build a device to measure wind speed and learn about other weather instruments.


    Girl Scout Earth Science Day
    May 9, 2015

    • See the Heat Dome live show and learn why the city is hotter than the suburbs, and what you can do to change it!
    • See Great White Shark in the Tuttleman IMAX ® Theater and discover the true story of this predator’s crucial role atop the oceanic food chain.


    Earth Science Workshops:

    • Brownie Girl Scouts will discover the wonders of water with activities on rainbows and urban water sheds.
    • Junior Girl Scouts will get energized with activities on different forms of energy and light pollution.
    • Cadette Girl Scouts will explore the air with activities on air pollution and wind turbines.
  • Pricing

    $17.00 per Scout

    $11.50 per Adult

  • Register for Scout Day

    Call 215.448.1200 (Option 5), weekdays 9:00AM-5:00PM, and pay with a credit card or download the Scout Day Registration contract  and submit it following the instructions on the form.