The Franklin Institute

Raluca Ellis, Ph.D.

We all know that climate change is an important topic in science, but it can be hard to understand. At The Franklin Institute, we depend on our environmental scientist, Raluca Ellis, to help us make sense of it. When we have questions about the environment, we know that Raluca will provide the answers in ways that are easy to understand.

Raluca’s job is to provide support for exhibits and programs that have an environmental science focus.  Her biggest project right now is directing the Climate and Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP), a five-year, multi-city project focused on engaging urban residents in community-based learning about climate change science and city-level responses to urban impacts of climate change.  Led by The Franklin Institute, CUSP works through networks of community-based organizations in four urban centers—Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City, and Washington, DC. 

Raluca previously held a post-doctoral research fellowship at Harvard University, where she studied the formation, transport, and impact of pollution on the U.S. National Parks.  She holds a Ph.D. in environmental chemistry from the University of Toronto, where she spent time measuring air quality in urban and rural environments all over the world. 

Raluca is very passionate about sharing the fun and wonderful side of science with the public, engaging in lifelong learning, and encouraging young kids, especially girls, to pursue science. One recent example is the work she is doing with our Ozone Garden project.

Raluca Ellis
Raluca Ellis interacts with visitors who are investigating the movement of stormwater in a model city.