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About Science Stories

It could be that moment when you looked into the night sky and realized that bright light was a planet or when you peered through a telescope for the first time. For doctors, scientists, engineers it may be the moment you knew this was your calling. Have you ever risked everything for science? Been frustrated by science? Had science challenge your beliefs?

We’re gathering and sharing stories from everyone, both online and on site at The Franklin Institute museum in Philadelphia, to collectively tell how science has shaped and impacted all of us in some way.

We all have a Science Story. We invite you to tell us yours. #ScienceStories

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Please submit your story any way you'd like. Using the form below, you can upload audio, video, image, or text files; paste a URL from YouTube or Vimeo, or just type your story right into the submission form. If possible, please include a picture of yourself (portraits with a black background are best).

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