Samson STEM Learning Initiative

The Samson STEM Learning Initiative will provide targeted opportunities for students at select K-8 schools in the School District of Philadelphia.

Marvin Samson
  • Students from four Philadelphia K-8 schools (Henry A. Brown, Feltonville School of Arts and Science, Avery D. Harrington and William McKinley) will experience two performances of the Institute’s Traveling Science Shows that will nurture STEM topics and complement classroom learning. Field trips to The Franklin Institute, supported by pre- and post-visit lessons, will introduce students to a world of science beyond the classroom. During the summer, students supported by Discovery Camp scholarships will spend one week at the Institute participating in hands-on, science-themed activities. The programming will provide a developmental path for these students, preparing them for successful participation in the Institute’s long-established and highly effective programs for high school students, including PACTS, STEM Scholars, and the Science Leadership Academy.

  • The Samson STEM Learning Initiative is funded by the extraordinary generosity of Mr. Marvin Samson, CEO of Samson Medical Technologies and a member of The Franklin Institute Board of Trustees.