Steam Projects

PSF - Steam

The Philadelphia Science Festival knows: science is an art, and art is a science. We believe in the incredible importance of the arts as a tool to build critical thinking, and as an avenue for public engagement with complex and innovative concepts–notions that are at the heart of all scientific pursuits. That is why we are excited to debut the 2018 Philadelphia Science Festival STEAM Projects. These projects invite local artists to present interactive installations that join science and art. Visit these special offerings throughout the Festival–engage with them and learn from them–and help us to elevate the "A" in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, ART, and math).



Based on an art installation at Glen Foerd on the Delaware, Rise connects the global phenomena of climate change through a striking visual representation of sea level rise. Visitors can engage in discussions with local climate scientists, environmental educators and the installation’s artists, Walker Tufts and Aislinn Pentecost-Farren of Camp Little Hope, about the impact of rising sea levels and ways to combat climate change.



Celebrate the contributions of women pioneers in the field of robotics in an immersive environment of geometry and art! Enter a 13-foot diameter geodesic dome, and discover the inspiring, history-making women who have carved a path in robotics. View this project at three events throughout the festival: At the screening of Top Secret Rosies on Friday, April 20; at the Be a Pennovator event on Sunday, April 22; and at the Science Carnival on Saturday, April 28.This project was designed by Diedra Krieger and Gaby Alfaro and presented in collaboration with local artist, Joey Hartmann-Dow. Additional support for the Monument is provided by the GRASP Lab and Everything Plastics.



Plants have been used for thousands of years as medicine, tools, and even art supplies! Try your hand at a fun and striking way to use plants to create a beautiful painting using the anthotype process. Join Fouryouth Productions at Naturepalooza at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education on Saturday, April 21 to create a colorful anthotype print. All anthotypes will be collected and combined to create a large-scale mural celebrating the marriage of art and environmental science, to be displayed at the Science Carnival on the Parkway.



Creativity takes flight in a series of workshops hosted by the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge and Spiral Q. Gathering inspiration from wildlife local to the area, participants will build beautiful masks and artwork out of reclaimed and recycled materials, all while exploring the native birds, insects, pollinators, and plants that also call Southwest Philadelphia home. Creations will be displayed in a pageant procession on the boardwalk at the Wildlife Refuge during the Citywide Star party on Friday, April 20.



See the cosmos come to life, up close with this LED light and balloon art installation. Presented by Mural Arts Philadelphia, these glowing “constellations” will be visible at multiple Star Party locations.