Engineered Eats


Philly Debut! 

We asked, and they answered. Some of Philly’s top chefs and master mixologists have taken the “rhubarb challenge” to create and feature a menu item using the naturally tart, obscure, seasonal spring ingredient during the run of the Festival.

Will these edible engineers rise to the occasion? Let your taste buds be the judge! Baked, braised, stewed, or simmered—the palatable possibilities are endless and the fun begins with the first bite (or sip!). 

Why rhubarb? Because In 1770, Ben Franklin sent a case of rhubarb from London to his friend in Philadelphia—the horticulturist John Bartram. Franklin is generally credited with introducing rhubarb to America, so what better seasonal ingredient to highlight than a gift from one Philadelphia scientist to another.

Special thanks to the official food scientists of the Philadelphia Science Festival, Rosemary Trout and Joseph Trout.

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The Engineered Eats program was inspired by Beakerhead Festival in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For more information about Beakerhead, visit