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Nine days. Over 200 collaborators. More than 50 THOUSAND attendees. One purpose.
This is The Philadelphia Science Festival—a nine-day, community-wide celebration of science designed to educate, inspire, and excite the Delaware Valley around the science present in our everyday lives. Bringing the region’s educational, cultural, and scientific institutions together to bring exciting STEM-based programs to their communities—and reaching over seventy-five thousand people each year—the Philadelphia Science Festival is a unique opportunity for your organization to extend its brand reach, invest in corporate citizenship, and deepen consumer and employee engagement. Join industry leaders like FMC, Dow, Temple University, EMD, and more as a sponsor to the region’s most impactful and inspirational science celebration.



Branding and exposure
The Festival leverages partnerships with local media outlets to secure well-timed paid and trade advertising and public relations efforts that reach 99% of the target market* approximately 20 times. Deepen and extend your brand’s reach by adding your logo to Festival advertising.
*Target market includes adults ages 25-54

Corporate Citizenship
The Festival provides the public with opportunities to explore science topics relevant to their daily lives.. Working together, we are able to provide higher-impact, higher-value experiences to foster science learning and emphasize the prevalence of science and technology in our community.

Consumer Engagement
The Festival is an excellent tool to help connect the public to your products or services. Sponsors engage with the public in a variety of venues and formats, depending on your interests or needs. Our expert science educators will help you to develop engaging, hands-on programming that illuminates the role of science and technology in your products and services.

Employee Engagement
It feels great to be a part of the Festival. Give your employees the opportunity to take part in that great feeling by getting them involved! There are opportunities throughout the Festival for employees of sponsor organizations to volunteer and engage with participants in a meaningful way.

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Sponsorship opportunities start as low as $3,000. Contact us today to begin to put together a sponsorship package that works for your organization.

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2019 Philadelphia Science Festival Sponsors

The Philadelphia Science Festival is a great vehicle to foster collaboration and team building amongst our students, faculty, and staff. Jefferson is a huge and growing organization, and our PSF events create a wonderful opportunity for this diverse group to rally together and share their passion and knowledge about their specific scientific areas of expertise with the community. Employee morale and pride is boosted, the community gains a greater appreciation of the value of the STEM fields in our daily lives, and we are stimulating young minds to pursue education and careers in the sciences. A win-win-win all the way around!

— Robert Bartosz, Director, Finance & Business Planning | Thomas Jefferson University

Continuing to fuel curiosity and growing the STEM community, through transformational initiatives such as the Philadelphia Science Festival, helps us all achieve a better tomorrow and prosperous future.

— Justin Land, The Dow Chemical Company