For the Love of Science: An Evening of Storytelling

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Frankford Hall
1210 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125
  • Philadelphia Science Festival

$5 at the door; 21+

Our stories define us, connect us, and teach us—they illuminate new discoveries, and remind us of ancient lessons. Join local scientists and researchers as they explore the moment that science sparked their passion. In the format of a story slam, each presenter will take the stage to share their true story in their own words—giving voice to their inspiration and celebrating the universal joy that curiosity and wonder bring us all. 



Marion Leary, MPH, MSN, RN

Marion Leary is the Director of Innovation Research for the Center for Resuscitation Science at the University of Pennsylvania, Course Director for the NURS 389 Research/Inquiry-based Service Residency at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Nursing and an Instructor in the Penn Master of Public Health program. Marion earned her MSN and MPH from the University of Pennsylvania. She works in the field of resuscitation science, innovation and technology because in the US only 40% of sudden cardiac arrest victims will receive bystander CPR, and in Philly only 16% will receive bystander CPR, significantly lower than the national average. Bystander CPR can double to even triple survival; therefore, everyone should know how to save a life. Remember, you can't hurt someone worse than dead!

Christopher Maute, M.Ed.

Christopher Maute is a Laboratory Manager at Monell Chemical Senses Center. Christopher earned a M.Ed. in science and the public from SUNY Buffalo. He enjoys the psychology of smell because odor perception is malleable and can be shaped by expectations.

Jerry McCauley, M.D.

Jerry McCauley is Chief of Nephrology at Thomas Jefferson University. He earned a M.D. from Dartmouth and a MPH from the University of Pittsburgh. He enjoys organ transplantation because he is able to watch health return to people after an organ transplant.

Shaughnessy Naughton

Shaughnessy Naughton is a chemist and the cofounder and president of 314 Action. After running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s Eighth District in 2016, Shaughnessy founded 314 Action to recruit, train and elect more scientists to public office. Since launching in 2016, more than 7,000 scientists from all 50 states have reached out to 314 Action and expressed interest in running.

Jason P. Schein, M.S.

Jason P. Schein is the Founding Executive Director of the Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute. Jason earned a B.S. and M.S. in geology from Auburn University. He enjoys paleontology because he gets to dig in the dirt and play with dinosaurs for a living.  

Roger Turner, Ph.D.

Roger Turner is a research fellow with the Beckman Legacy Project at the Science History Institute. Roger earned a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He enjoys the history of science and technology because it allows him to learn fun science and history facts. One of his favorites is that the illustrator who first drew the children's book character Amelia Bedelia also drew imaginary weather control devices for news magazine covers in the 1950s.

Rachel Valletta, Ph.D.

Rachel Valletta is the Environmental Scientist at The Franklin Institute. Rachel earned a Ph.D. in earth and environmental science from the University of Pennsylvania. Her research specializes in reconstructing the climate of the past from Antarctic glacial records. She enjoys working to understand how people learn and communicate about climate change because climate change is perhaps the single greatest challenge facing modern civilization, but not everyone sees it that way.

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