Matching Gifts & Gifts of Stock

You can increase the value of your gift by getting a match, or learn how to donate gifts of stock.

Matching Gifts

Many companies choose to match their employees’ donations. If your organization offers this benefit, your gift to the Franklin Fund or the tax-deductible portion of your Benefactor Society or Membership Circles gift may be doubled or even tripled. Please ask your company's Human Resources department about matching gifts. If your company does not have an online matching gift system, mail forms to: The Franklin Institute, Development Department, 222 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. For more information, please contact the Development Office at 215-448-1377.

Please note: The tax-deductible amount of Dual-Premier memberships is not eligible for matching gift funds.

Gifts of Stock

It is easy to support The Franklin Institute through a gift of appreciated securities, such as stocks and mutual funds. In many cases, these gifts can provide a greater tax benefit than an equivalent gift in cash. For questions and gifting instructions, please contact  the Development Office at 215-448-1130 or