Live Science Shows

Live Science Show at the Franklin Institute
  • Live Science Shows - Musser Demonstration Theater

    20 minutes | $3.00 per person
    Grades PreK–12 | Available Monday–Friday

    Carnival of Machines  | Grades 3-8

    Explore the physics of simple machines! Students will learn about machines like pulleys and levers, forces including gravity and friction, how work is accomplished, and how engineers are able to make work more efficient for everyday life.

    Physical Science Science and Technology


    CBS3 Weather Show  | Grades 3-12

    Weather happens every day, and all weather exists thanks to the combination of three ingredients— heat, air, and water.  Students will explore the cooling effects of rain, see a cloud and a tornado of fire created live on stage, and experience the force that high wind speeds can have by launching a pencil through a board.

    Earth and Space Science


    Chemical Reactions  | Grades 9-12

    In chemistry, there are many different kinds of reactions—synthesis, decomposition, acid-base, precipitation, and more.  This BRAND NEW live show brings many of the phenomena in chemistry to life! Students will learn about the properties of these reactions and how we use them to understand our world today.

    Physical Science Science and Technology


    Chemistry of Combustion  | Grades 2-8

    This explosive BRAND NEW show is all about the things that go BOOM! On stage, we’ll ignite a hydrogen balloon, demonstrate the properties of a special flammable powder, and make thermite using iron oxide spheres and aluminum foil.  Students will experience the many different forms of combustion and understand that they all rely on three main ingredients—energy, oxygen, and fuel. 

    Physical Science Science and Technology

    Liquid Air Show  |  Grades PreK–12

    A great live show for all ages! Students will explore the nature of matter and its behavior as it goes through extreme temperature changes. Using -320oF liquid nitrogen, we’ll test the abilities of materials such as rubber balls and balloons after undergoing extreme temperature changes.

    Physical Science Science and Technology


    Life in Space |  Grades 3-8 

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live and work in space? In this live show, your students will watch as we launch a rocket on stage, recreate what it’s like to work inside and outside of the shuttle, demonstrate how a shuttle is able to maintain its orbit, and explain the many features of a spacesuit. One lucky student will get outfitted in our special spacesuit!

    Earth and Space Science Science and Technology