Live Science Shows

A live presenter, Buddy, demonstrates the science of fireworks.

Watch our staff scientists demonstrate science in action!  Live-Science Shows are some of the best ways for people to see experiments and demonstrations of how science is impacting our everyday lives.   

All shows are approx. 20 minutes and take place in the Musser Demonstration Theater. Best of all: The Franklin Institute is happy to tailor most shows to students’ grade level.

Cost: $5.00 per person for groups of 15 or larger, plus the cost regular museum admission to enter the museum.  The daily schedule varies. Check the Daily Programs & Shows handout when you arrive for times and locations.

  • Grades PreK-12

    Take part in some chilling science! See how the ultra-cold temperature of liquid nitrogen changes the ways that familiar materials behave. In this high-energy show, students join science interpreters in experiments with solids, liquids, and gases.

    This live science show meets curriculum standards for:

    Physical Science Logo Physical Science 
  • Grades 3-8

    Explore the concepts of work and the physics of motion in this dynamic live show. Students will discover that an object does not have to be complicated to be a machine—it just needs to perform work.

    This live science show meets curriculum standards for:

    Physical Science LogoPhysical Science


    Engineering and Technology LogoEngineering, Technology & Applications
  • Grades 2-8

    Everything in life uses chemistry! In this vibrant and dynamic show, students will experience what it takes to create some of the different chemical reactions that impact their life today. This show is sure to end with a BANG!

    This live science show meets curriculum standards for:

    Physical Science LogoPhysical Science
  • Grades 3-12

    Today we’re paying more attention to the weather than ever before. In this show, students will learn the three main ingredients that create weather, as well as some strategies to adapt to the ever changing climate around us.

    This live science show meets curriculum standards for:

    Earth and Science LogoEarth & Space Sciences



  • Bam!  Pow!  Wham!  Science!  Celebrate the science and technology of super heroes, uncovering the connections that could begin to solve real-life science problems. Journey with us as we explore how super hero powers are classified and see how those powers can be applied.  

    Audience members will be able to: identify three classifications of super hero powers:  Bio mechanical/tech, Mutant/DNA, Super Human Ability, to see real life science applications between super powers and current technology, and identify real science applications for super hero powers to solve problems facing scientists today. 

  • Boom! Discover the science behind fireworks and experience what makes them colorful, sparkle, and deliver that signature boom. Uncover the exciting science of pyrotechnic explosions!