Paul Weidlinger

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    Weidlinger Associates, Inc.

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    For contributions to structural engineering.

Paul Weidlinger was born in Budapest, Hungary and educated in Czechoslovakia and Switzerland. He moved to the United States in 1943 and founded Weidlinger Associates, Inc. five years later. He became known as an innovative structural engineer, and it was his interest in the dynamic response of structures that led Weidlinger to develop methods of analysis and design procedures to protect structures from effects of blast loadings. As a result of this work, Weidlinger served as special consultant to the U.S. State Department in the design of embassies. He was also an adjunct professor at MIT and Harvard University.

Shortly before he died in 1999, Weidlinger was still exploring the frontiers of engineering with his proposal for "super strength" concrete.

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