Edward Norton Lorenz

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    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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    For interpretation of dynamical chaos in physical systems.

Born in Connecticut in 1917, Edward Norton Lorenz earned an A.B. in mathematics from Dartmouth College in 1938 and a Sc.D. in meteorology from M.I.T. in 1948. Dr. Lorenz became a professor at M.I.T. in 1962, and spent 19 years in this position until becoming Professor Emeritus in 1981.

A leading theoretical meteorologist, Dr. Lorenz was a pioneer in the new major area of scientific study known as "deterministic chaos," leading to what he termed "the butterfly effect," in which a minute change in an initial state may result in a huge difference in a future state. His discovery of deterministic chaos has applications in many fields ranging from pure mathematics to physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, economics, geology, and his own field of atmospheric science.

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