Arthur D. Levinson

Arthur D. Levinson
Arthur D. Levinson
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    Calico Life Sciences LLC│ South San Francisco, California

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  • Award:

    Bower Award for Business Leadership

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    For his innovative leadership building Genentech into a global biotechnology pioneer, his strategic guidance of Apple, and his commitment to advancing human health and longevity at Calico—a distinguished career that exemplifies the spirit of scientific inquiry and entrepreneurship embodied by Benjamin Franklin.

From scientist to CEO, Arthur Levinson knows how to culture innovation. His research expertise, combined with his leadership skills, led him from Ph.D. scientist to Genentech CEO in just 15 years. As CEO at Genentech, Levinson guided the development, clinical testing, and eventual marketing of revolutionary drugs, including the first genetically-targeted cancer drug, Herceptin. Levinson also served on Apple Inc.’s board, where his insights and friendship with Apple’s visionary founder, Steve Jobs, made him the logical candidate to step in as chairman of the board after Jobs’s death. As chairman at Apple, he showed how a genius-driven start-up could transition to an ongoing corporate enterprise without losing its innovative spark. He continues in that post. In 2013, Levinson became founder and CEO of Calico LLC, a research and development biotech company focused on aging and related diseases funded by Google’s parent company and startup incubator, Alphabet Inc. Levinson, named on 11 patents and co-author of more than 80 research articles, also serves on the boards of scientific frontrunners, like the Broad Institute, MIT and Harvard’s joint biomedical research powerhouse. Levinson is renowned for his strategic entrepreneurship and creativity, as he leads companies with integrity and an unwavering commitment to advancing human health.