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  • Coming Soon! Summer Read 2016 Library Show: Human Body/Sports

    Summer Read show for libraries – summer 2016 only!

    On your mark, get set, science! It’s a health and fitness twist on The Human Body show, designed to support and enhance the Collaborative Summer Library Program. More details coming soon!

  • Astronomy

    What does light have to do with the study of space? Everything! Examine the behavior of light to find out how we learn about objects that are too far away to visit. Then, see what light can show us about the sun, moon, planets, and stars. It will be out-of-this-world science as we explore astronomy! Developed with support from NASA.

    Science concepts: light energy, optics, visible celestial objects

  • Energy

    What is energy, and how is it used to power everything from power plants to your body? We'll demonstrate how different kinds of energy can be transformed from one to another including kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical, potential, and stored. The dynamic, interactive demonstrations will have you on the edge of your seat!
    Pre-Show Activities | Post-Show Activities

    Science concepts: transformation of energy, thermodynamics, law of conservation

  • How to Build a Storm: The Weather Show

    Lightning, twisters and hail—oh my! This dynamic show reveals the science of weather—to the extreme. Where does our weather come from, and what factors make it a sunny day or a blustery one? We’ll make a cloud, explore thunder and lightning, and even create snow. We promise a stormy ending to this show as we demonstrate the power of a tornado!
    Pre-Show Activities | Post-Show Activities

    Science concepts: water cycle, thermodynamics, air masses, and fronts

  • The Human Body

    Come with us on a wild journey through The Human Body. Discover how nutrients in the food we eat are converted into the energy that keeps us on the move. We’ll learn how our muscles work, and what our blood actually accomplishes as it flows through our veins and arteries. Plus, there will be a special tribute to that duo that protects us from illnesses: skin and mucous!
    Pre-Show Activities | Post-Show Activities

    Science concepts: body systems, digestion, circulation, and immune response

  • Hot and Cold - Great first-time show!

    Turn your students into molecules as we explore the three states of matter and challenge students' ideas about what is hot and what is cold. Make balloons shrink, bubbles freeze, and a rubber ball shatter by using liquid nitrogen (N2).
    Pre-Show Activities | Post-Show Activities

    Science concepts: states of matter, molecules, temperature

  • Chemistry

    Kaboom! The Chemistry show explores everything from everyday chemistry to the chemical “detective” work performed by laboratory scientists.
    Pre-Show Activities | Post-Show Activities

    Science Concepts: physical/chemical changes, acids and bases, polymers, combustion

  • Flight - Best done indoors with a high ceiling

    Explore the exciting history of flight From Leonardo da Vinci to the space shuttle. Investigate the Bernoulli principle, and learn how airplane wings provide lift. Mechanical birds, hot air balloons, gliders, and even a rocket launch are used to demonstrate the forces of flight.
    Pre-Show Activities | Post-Show Activities

    Science concepts: air pressure, forces of flight, aviation history

  • Life in Space - Developed in conjunction with NASA

    The show begins with a bang as a rocket launches your students into space! Once there, students enter “astronaut training” to explore the challenges of living and working in space. Students will marvel as one of their classmates gets "pressurized" for the grand finale.
     Pre-Show Activities | Post-Show Activities

    Science concepts: gravity, orbit, action/reaction, air pressure

  • Motion and Machines - Requires a raised platform or stage

    Roll, slide, and spin! Investigate the basic physics of motion in this interactive show. We’ll use rubber balls, bricks, and wooden blocks to introduce and understand Newton’s Laws of Motion. Then, witness these laws in action in a lever, pulley, and student-driven hover car.
    Pre-Show Activities | Post-Show Activities

    Science concepts: Newton’s Laws of Motion, simple machines, friction


  • Electricity - Grades 2–8, best performed in drier weather

    Your students’ hair will stand on end as we unravel the mysteries of electricity. Explore static and current electricity. Watch as electricity travels through the air to power fluorescent light bulbs—turning students into a human “circuit.”
    Pre-Show Activities | Post-Show Activities

    Science concepts: static and current electricity, electrons, magnetism

  • Sound, Music, and Math – NEW!

    Explore how vibrations produce waves in air, and how those waves are related to our sense of hearing. Discover the science behind the making of music, because the scientific principles that allow us to craft sound into art can be as beautiful as the music itself.

    Science concepts: vibration, waves, pitch, ratios