GSK Science in the Summer™

GSK Science in the Summer is a fun and free science education program sponsored by GSK, which introduces students entering grades 2-6 to the wonderful and fascinating world of science. Programs are held during the summer in public libraries in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

GSK Science in the Summer
GSK Science in the Summer

  • Rates & Registration

    Start dates for online registration for the GSK Science in the Summer™ program:

    Bucks County - May 2 at noon -

    Chester County - May 3 at noon -

    Delaware County - May 4 at noon -

    Montgomery County - May 5 at noon -

    Philadelphia County - May 6 at noon -

    Visit for more information. The directions for registration is at the top of the map.  The registration button will not be active until the start date for each county.

  • More Information

    Program topics include chemistry, physical science & electricity, genetics, bioscience, simple machines, and oceanography. GSK Science in the Summer™ has been offering exciting science experiences in Philadelphia-area libraries since 1986, and The Franklin Institute has been a proud partner and administrator of the program since 2010.

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  • Bucks County

    Bucks County — Chemistry

    Students will observe physical and chemical changes with fun experiments, like instantly freezing objects using dry ice. They'll also discover how diapers hold a lot of liquid, create secret messages using lemon juice, and learn about chemical reactions by making gloop!

    Registration begins May 2, 2016 at noon.

  • Chester County

    Chester County — Genetics

    Students will investigate human chromosomes and genes by building a cell, examining their own fingerprints and constructing a DNA molecule. They'll even extract DNA from a strawberry!

    Registration begins May 3, 2016 at noon.

  • Delaware County

    Delaware County — Oceanography

    Our coastal waters are teeming with life — learn about this underwater environment through hands-on activities. Observe microscopic sea life like plankton using mircroviewers and magnifying glasses. See and touch seashells, sponges, corals, sea stars and other animals found in the ocean. Students will even examine real shark teeth!

    Registration begins May 4, 2016 at noon.

  • Montgomery County

    Montgomery County — Physical Science

    Why does a compass always point north? How does a light switch work? Students will answer these questions and more when they experiment with magnets, witness the effects of static electricity and build their own electrical circuit. They'll learn first-hand about electrostatic generators, and discover why Physical Science is a hair-raising experience!

    Registration begins May 5, 2016 at noon.

  • Philadelphia County

    Philadelphia County — Bioscience

    Learn about cells, the building blocks of life. Examine plants and animals up close using a microscope, dissect flowers and learn how to avoid getting sick by stopping the spread of bacteria in its tracks!

    Registration begins May 6, 2016 at noon.

  • Sponsors

    GSK Science in the Summer™ is made possible with generous support from GSK.