GSK Science in the Summer™

GSK Science in the Summer™ is a fun and free science education program sponsored by GSK and administered by The Franklin Institute, which introduces students entering grades 2-6 to the wonderful and fascinating world of science. Programs are held during the summer in public libraries in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

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  • Start dates for online registration for the GSK Science in the Summer™ program:

    Bucks County - May 18 at noon 
    Chester County - May 17 at noon 
    Delaware County - May 16 at noon 
    Montgomery County - May 15 at noon 
    Philadelphia County - May 14 at noon 

    The program is free!

    Visit for more program information and to register. The directions for registration is at the top of the map.  The registration button will not be active until the start date for each county.

  • 2018 Program Topic: The Science of Space

    The Science of Space invites children to see the sky above them. Through active, hands-on learning, students explore the sun’s energy, the phases of the moon, human survival in space, and how rockets overcome Earth’s gravity. From here on Earth, we look up and see the sun and moon. From here, we dream of space travel. From here, we achieve liftoff.

    GSK Science in the Summer™ has been offering exciting science experiences in Philadelphia-area libraries since 1986, and The Franklin Institute has been a proud partner and administrator of the program since 2012.

  • GSK Science in the Summer™ is made possible with generous support from GSK.