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Cascading Influences: Long-Term Impacts of Informal STEM Experiences for Girls

The Franklin Institute is happy to announce the release of Cascading Influences: Long-Term Impacts of Informal STEM Experiences for Girls. This publication describes the results of a research study conducted by Dale McCreedy, Ph.D. (The Franklin Institute) and Lynn D. Dierking, Ph.D. (Oregon State University) to better understand the long-term significance of informal STEM programs for girls.

Focused specifically on young women who participated in girls-only STEM programs at least 5-25+ years ago, the study documents young women's perceptions of their experiences in these programs and the ways in which this participation influenced their future choices in education, careers, leisure pursuits, and ways of thinking about what science is and who does it. Additionally, it explores potential long-term influences on young women's lives more generally, beyond STEM.

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