The Worst-Case Scenario: Survival Experience
Based on the internationally bestselling book series 
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook

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With a 76,000-ball pit as its centerpiece, a horizontal climbing wall, a train car jump, lock picking challenges, upside-down tic-tac-toe, and more—this kid-friendly experience immerses you in various challenges to build your survival smarts.

“It’s really a safe and playful way to activate the book and unleash your inner survival expert and your inner action hero.” —co-author David Borgenicht

Worst Case Scenario Exhibit Preview

Exhibit Features: 

Hall of Fame Gallery + Tools for Survival
Survival pros line the walls, their stories revealed through artifacts, photos, videos and original illustrations from the book series. From a cell phone to an avalanche beacon—everyday tools for survival and those the pros use are showcased in the intro gallery. 


  • Escape quicksand, learn to fall safely, and create and survive an avalanche—in the massive ball pit.
  • Use everyday materials like bobby pins to try to pick a lock.
  • Scale a wall horizontally to practice how to survive rising floodwaters and similar dangers. 
  • Practice your lie detection ability on a partner.
  • Hop between simulated train car platforms and jump (and roll) to safety.
  • Discover how your mind adjusts to changes in the environment by playing tic-tac-toe while upside-down. 
  • Spin the wheel and uncover what to do when faced with an angry mountain lion, or a herd of elephants in your path. 

Survival Tips
Fend off a shark. Survive a riptide. Escape a sinking car or killer bees.
Detailed graphics reveal the expert-based survival steps for real-life situations—pulled straight from the book. 

Live Element
A live actor dubbed the “Worst Case Pro” will help you get in survival mode and remind you to always: Be Prepared. Don’t Panic. Have a Plan. 

Open Now through April 19, 2020

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