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Who were the Vikings? How did they live? How did their belief, skills, and culture influence our modern world?

Journey back to Scandinavia in the Viking Age! While Vikings engaged in invading and pillaging, their societies were complex and multifaceted. They were skilled craftspeople, successful merchants, and hard-working farmers whose influence was felt across western Europe and beyond.
Vikings: Beyond the Legend brings people from the Viking period to life with a wealth of unique objects, multimedia productions and interactive elements revealing the captivating story of the explorers who set sail from Scandinavia centuries ago.
What to Expect  
• 600 Artifacts
• Full-size 21-foot replica Viking Ship
• Activities about everyday life
• Authentic Viking games
• Norse mythology
• Experience how heavy Viking swords really were

Plus…The Roskilde 6 on display!
The Roskilde 6 dates back to c. 1025 and remains one of the most remarkable Viking warships. A portion of the preserved planks from the ship’s excavation are fitted into a steel frame designed to recreate its full length and form, 122 feet in length! Surrounded by a striking multimedia sound and light show, and augmented reality interactives that bring the ship to life!

Photo of Vikings ExhibitPhoto of Viking ArtworkPhoto of Viking Armor Photo of Viking Design