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Who were the Vikings? How did they live? How did their belief, skills, and culture influence our modern world?

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photo of the Viking Jelling Stone

Journey back to Scandinavia and experience the Viking Age! While Vikings engaged in invading and pillaging, their societies were complex and multifaceted—and influential. They were skilled craftspeople, successful merchants, and diligent farmers with significant impact across western Europe and beyond.
Vikings: Beyond the Legend reveals the captivating story of the explorers who set sail from Scandinavia centuries ago, and brings the Viking Age to life through a wealth of artifacts, multimedia, and interactive elements.   

What to Expect in Vikings: Beyond the Legend

• 600 Artifacts 
• Three full-size replica Viking Ships
• Augmented Reality experiences
• Ornate jewelry, coins, and weapons
• Authentic Viking games
• Background on Norse Mythology

“A fresh take on Viking culture and the Scandinavian explorers’ impact on the modern world” –UWISHUNU

“Dives right into the crux of what characterizes the community of seafaring plunderers and traders” – 

“You will learn a lot about the Vikings, if, like me, all you knew about them before seeing the exhibit is that they sailed the seas and pillaged other lands” – Main Line Today

”The Institute, with the expansion of its exhibition spaces a few years ago, is one of the few science centers in the country that could host “Vikings” in its entirety” – WHYY


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