This high-energy, action-packed exhibit challenges you to learn the physics, biomechanics, and material science of your favorite sports. Pitching aces may be surprised to find that the shape of the ball influences its aerodynamics. Surfing, rock-climbing, and ice-skating may all seem equally difficult, but each involves different balancing techniques. Whatever your sport, you’ll leave Sports Challenge with a new appreciation for the role science plays in homeruns, touchdowns, and perfect scores.

Experiment with concepts of force, momentum, friction, balance, and more. Learn how the physical changes to muscles, lungs, and blood vessels impact an athlete’s performance. Even mental attitude makes a difference in achievement! Discover how bionic limbs, also called prosthetic limbs, are used by some athletes with disabilities to set world records. Once you understand the role science plays in your favorite sports, you can be on your way to becoming a better athlete.

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Things to Do and See in Sports Challenge

  • Catch a Wave & Hang Ten

    Test your balance on a moving surfboard without getting wet.

  • Climb a Rock Wall

    Can you make it all the way across? Learn how friction shapes the experience of a rock-climber!

  • Kick a Soccer Ball

    What happens to your ball speed when you kick harder? See if you have what it takes to get the ball past the goalie.

  • Spin Like a Figure Skater

    Get a feel for the physics of rotation when you stand on a platform that is free to spin just like an ice skater's pirouette.

  • Take the Pitching Challenge

    Throw a baseball over home plate and see just how fast your fastball is! Try throwing different balls and see how the size and shape effects your speed.    

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Floor 3