PLEASE NOTE: NOW/NEXT will be closed 3/3 through 3/27 while we install a new exhibit

NOW/NEXT features changing exhibits fueled by pop culture and emerging trends in science and technology. Come discover future-forward innovations and consider the choices we face about their impact on our world.

Current Exhibit: Batteries

The world runs on batteries—from smartphones and electric cars to massive data centers and energy systems that harness the sun. Built on innovations in chemistry, physics, and materials science, batteries have transformed our lives. Now, as we look for new energy solutions to tackle the challenges of a changing climate, the next revolution in battery technology could lead the way.

Now Next Gallery Photo

Exhibit Highlights:

  • Tesla Model X and interactive touch table detailing the structure of the Tesla battery
  • Dissected lithium-ion battery cell, one of over 7000 in the Tesla battery 
  • A unique interactive experience showing how different types of batteries work 
  • A short video on the history of the lithium-ion battery featuring John Goodenough, the Franklin Institute Awards laureate who invented it
  • The future of battery technology, being developed right here in Philadelphia