KidScience puts our youngest visitors front and center. Designed especially for children in Grades Pre-K through 2, little imaginations run wild as you visit the Island of the Elements and meet the Power Keepers of light, water, earth, and air. Find out how each element plays into the balance and order of nature. And discover what crazy things can happen when the balance is disrupted.

Climb to the top of a lighthouse, take the helm of a sailing ship, and work to keep the giant waterwheel turning—discovering science along the way. The stimulating activities in this exhibit will let your little ones explore scientific principles of sound, movement, geology, and reflection in fun an interesting ways.

PLEASE NOTE: To preserve the unique experience of this exhibit, developed specifically for younger children, we cannot admit older children unless they are attending with younger siblings.

Things to Do and See in KidScience

  • Build a Fountain

    Connect the pipes to make your own fountain. See how high you can make it go!

  • Sound a Fog Horn

    Push air through pipes of different lengths and listen to the different fog horn sounds you make.

  • Walk Through a Mirror Maze

    Discover how light bounces off mirrors to create and transform your reflection.

  • Experiment with Bubbles

    Learn what makes bubbles rise and fall—and find out what happens when they collide!

  • Journey Across The Island of The Elements

    Meet the Power Keepers who preserve nature's order and balance. But beware their arch-nemesis who is determined to destroy it.

Interactive Map



Floor 1
Floor 1