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Strap in for the Sci-fi adventure of a lifetime!

The great Captain Derrick Pitts has a mission for you: travel through time and space to restore the pillars of intergalactic balance. Those daring enough to enter the captain’s wormhole will embark on an epic and bizarre journey filled with mysterious machinery, confounding clues, and funky physics. Can your team work together to untangle the space/time continuum and restore the balance of the universe before it is too late?

The mission is yours to accept, but beware: beyond the wormhole, nothing is quite what it seems….

About the Game

Games last one hour. 

Intergalactic Escape is designed for players ages 10 and above. We require one participating adult for every 3 players under the age of 18. This requirement will be enforced to ensure the enjoyment of all the players in the game. 

The game has been designed for 6-12 people. We need a minimum of at least 6 people to play. If fewer than 6 players are signed up for a time slot, they will be notified 48 hours in advance to reschedule their game.

Want it all to yourself? Choose the Private Game option and you can have up to 14 of your closest friends play privately. If buying single tickets, please be aware that there may be additional players added to your game (there is a maximum of 12 players allowed in games that include single ticket buyers).

Games also available by appointment Monday through Friday.

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