Our restless Earth is always changing. Tectonic plates drift, the crust quakes, and volcanoes erupt. Air pressure falls, storms form, and precipitation results. Learn how these powerful forces shape our air, land, water, and weather—and constantly transform our planet. Explore how our response to Earth's changes will impact our future on Earth and discover how your choices impact our future Earth.

Dynamic sensory experiences demonstrate the interconnected systems of earth science. Calculate your carbon footprint, find solutions to reduce carbon emissions, explore seismographs of recent earthquakes, and construct a building to see if it can withstand an earthquake. Experiment and discover how dams and water volume effect river flow and erosion. Go "on camera" and deliver your own weather forecast. Each experience in Changing Earth provides insights into repercussions that may result from our responses to changes—natural or manmade.

Things to Do and See in Changing Earth

  • Deliver a Weather Forecast on TV

    Driving rains, heavy snow, extreme heat—step "on camera" and deliver a live TV weather report that impacts people's lives.

  • Crawl Through Magma

    Become the forces under our feet that move our Earth.

  • Build a Structure to Survive the Next Big Quake

    Build a structure and test your design against minor, moderate, and major earthquakes.

  • Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

    Discover your own carbon footprint by answering questions about your lifestyle. Learn how you can make small changes today that will have big effects on our future.    

  • Experiment with River Flow at the Stream Table

    Observe the flow of water as you build land formations and add objects to discover how the flow will adjust and change in response to the environment.

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