Space Command & Train Factory

Astronaut suits in the Space Command exhibit at The Franklin Institute.

Enjoy the juxtaposition of the past and future!

Looking for a launch pad to fun? Welcome to Space Command, where 30 interactive stations invite you to glimpse the field of space exploration. An eight foot tall telescope is the centerpiece of the exhibit. Your guests may attend “Space Training School” where they can view their home from satellite images, take a vacation to outer space and safely land a spaceship on Mars. Couple a Space Command cocktail reception with your event in Fels Planetarium for an out of this world event!   Or head to the Train Factory to blow off some steam.  Whether it’s a custom “Evening on the Orient Express” or a hands-on corporate team building event, your attendees can blow off a little steam in this fun, history-filled interactive railway exhibit! Your guests can experience vintage train travel by truly taking a ride on the Baldwin 60,000 locomotive, a technological marvel of its day.


Space Command
Cocktail/Reception - 500
Seated Dinner - 200
5,355 sq feet               

The Train Factory
Cocktail/Reception - 100
Seated Dinner - 75
4,920 sq feet