Franklin Airshow & Amazing Machine

Newlyweds kissing on top of an airplane exhibit.

Invite your guests to someplace different!

You’ll fly through 20 interactive exhibits in three thrilling environments: A midway, a pilot training area and an aircraft hangar. The Air Show showcases the historical and contemporary feats of aviation and aeronautical technology, along with the life stories of a broad spectrum of aviation pioneers. Drink and dine in the airplane hangar with an original Wright brothers’ Model B airplane, and watch your event take flight! 

In Amazing Machine, your guests will learn the value of team work as they watch many intricate parts work together as a whole. The space is highlighted by three stunning kinetic mechanical art installations, little-seen artifacts from the Institute’s renowned collection, and a captivating series of interactive displays that are designed to bring out the inquisitive inventor in all of us.


Franklin Air Show
Cocktail/Reception - 150
Seated Dinner - 60
5,000 sq feet  

Amazing Machine
Cocktail/Reception - 150
Seated Dinner - 60
4,500 sq feet